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Selasa, 28 Agustus 2012

hey senior high school!

it is a really really late update. yeah some I had some tings that blocked my way to write this. ya you can say the internet, my time and may more.

 well welcome to school again, as you know that I continue to SMA Negeri 1 Bogor. you may say I'm not in a good mood when I went to my first day because unfortunately some of my close friend are not able to study in the same school with me :( poor me. I have been through the MOPDB or students orientation time. AND IT WAS SO UNFORGETTABLE.

let me say that now I'm in the class X-7. from the first day of MOPDB I have felt the togetherness of us and we passed the MOPDB with laughing, complaining, jokin, and etc. this MOPDB really makin us more solid (y)

and on the last day, we were announced about our batch's name. but first we have to spred a large and looooong fabric. and these are the picture.

 and finally my batch's name is JANGKAR BAHTERA (manJA iNGKAR Bebal pasrAH twitTER pAsif)
sekian trima kasih :)

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