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Senin, 30 Desember 2013

Hello 2014

I have written a long post about this and its all gone. Sucks, now I have to rewrite it again.

Well, this suppose to be a kind of goodbye-2013 post. Like talking about what I have been through. Some (I try to make it) cheesy stories. (Seriously I dont get the mood to write and think another one, jeez). And about to update this blog since the older ones has become 'old'. However I still havent managed my time well in doing this stuffs. I kept delaying this until I realized that, "omg 2014 is tomorrow" and I havent finished this. So, I thought this may be a welcome note for 2014. Yep a welcome note (even this is definitely a jeff of my 2013 ), here we go

Dari awal ga pernah ngira 2013 bakal gini. Things happened. A lot changed. And I changed. Funny that I am not the old me (I guess), but yah hahhaha 

Nusa 2013 - bendera kita, @x7ers:)

Nusa 2013 - the d-1 day

Nusa 2013 - baju kelas nyaayyy

Enthusiastic Furious Five & SIA 2013 (with @poconggg and @adriandhy as the guest stars!)

OSP 2013 (plus an extra birthday in it)


And we got this!

Wkwkwkwk ini dan konferensi jb

Pelatnas 1 - Kapan lagi bolos sekolah sebulan?

Kata Nana kita geng junior

Pelatnas 1 - and the fact that I was still sad whenever I remind them. I was never expected that I would be really melancholic. Seumur-umur gua perpisahan va pernah nangis dan yang inj parah. Banget. The thing is we do this farewell without knowing how and when will we can meet again completely. Talking about you guys will take a single post alone. No matter what I always be amaze of them. They are ones that I can share anything and learn many things from. After all a month has got to be nothing guys.

Balik lagi ke sekolah eng ing eng...
Jeng jeng jeng

Temen nangis dan korban pendengar setia ocehan geo setelah gua balik. Gua jahat banget sama kalian, annoying, maaf ya. Dan makasih sayang kalian❤

Aku nya gaada:( maaf ya udah jadi 11 ipa 5 yg paling gabut, bolos terus sih akunya huuu:(((((((

A perfect end for this year. Teman-keluarga-partner kerja, LSWK goes to dufan, 40&41

I honestly have no idea why this could be happened. And how this year get to be like I really love to. 2013 sangat sangat menyenangkan. I have been sad, glad, grateful, regretful, mad, upset, down, stress, happy, and many more. Banyak momen tanpa foto dan bangan momen yg gaada di sini. 2013 has taught me a lot. It showed me temen baru, kenalan baru, gimana cara hidup selain belajar, how to live more 'lively', manajemen otak, partner partner, temen deket baru, dan twist twist yg aneh nyebelin dan harkos huhhh. Hahaha sayang banget sama tahun ini, turns to be my best one I guess.
 So, on the last day of this year, I officially said

Makasih setahunnya ya Allah:)

And one more thing

(Taken from weheartit)

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