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Kamis, 05 Juni 2014

Hello 17

Hello 17!

Jadi sekarang 17 tahun. Whoa keren juga hahaha. Udah gede. Udah bisa punya ktp. Yuhuuu

I was imagining that I would celebrate my birthday in Bandung (again). Eventually, God decided to make me home earlier. So, yep. Celebrating 17 while being caught by biology, indonesia, and environmental uas (which I definitely failed at all of them), not so good then. 

The funny side is actually, how alone i spent this day. Believe it or not, the only community that saying (formality) statement until now is my miss-ful pelatnas. Which is actually kind of pathetic, remembering that how far they are and how near is my other community.

Sebegitu terbuangnya gua dari smansa, dari jb, dari ipa 5, bahkan dari 15 dan 40. Hahaha. 

Makanya jangan bolos terus.


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