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Rabu, 21 Desember 2016

Moving Out

Well, my consistency on writing this blog become a fiasco. I somehow find it is hard to spare my time opening my laptop, signing in to blogger, and thinking what I want to write. It even becomes lazier after I found out that official Blogger application cannot be found in my app store (or it is just me being so 'gaptek').

Anyway, I also think the blog has gone ' too viral' for me. Imagining that someone may easily find this anytime they search for my name is scary yet exciting at the same time (as if anyone would do that). The point is I just feel like I cannot share my thoughts as free as it is.

Thus, here comes to the final conclusion.

I want to move out.

So, goodbye blog. Thank you for being there for years (?)

One more important thing.

As the replacement for this blog I (hopefully) will be at Steller.
At least Steller will not directly show my thoughts on google.
Oh. Maybe I will still be on blog whenever (I think) I have things important (which usually not).

So, good luck guys. And do not hesitate to check my Steller.


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