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Selasa, 09 Desember 2014

still havent found what im looking for

What make a last-year senior high school worried than its future major?

My dream in junior high school was as easy as a nutricionist. I would like to take a food and nutricion study and take a class in my hometown. Then senior high school changed me. The first time I got into senior high school, the word came. ITB. Bandung. Being an engineer. Just to make it specific, almost all majors and faculties in that college have been claimed by me to be majored. FTTM, STEI, FTI, Chemical Engineering, then my heart stuck on Urban Planning. That Planology got me for a long time.

All because geography. Pre-OSP lesson about Urban and how I amazed the lesson. How I thought it was cool to learn it more. To develop a city. To design a city. And etc. My 'carrier' on geography even supported me to be more attrated to Urban Planning. The city design test in the very beginning of Pelatnas 1. The Fieldwork test on iGeo about the sport center planning. The way I worked on those and the result of the test was coherent.

People speaks.
They talked about the major which is not that popular among all. How good is the prospect. The climax was when I got disappointed to see how miserable it was the most-promising-job of being a planologis. All I saw was a non-dynamic workers. Non-productive at all. That made me think twice to take the major. I cannot draw either. And my psycological test clearly shown how I am not a creative person. My hesitation got higher,

My mom totally recommended me on being a geologist. I couldn't blame her on recommending it. My geographical things direct me there and any other related major. (which I don't really interesting on it)

I kept googling and searching about universities, majors, even 'how to choose a suitable major' things. Those only made me become more confused.

I wanna be an urban planner. Later I want to be an actual engineer (you know, like electro, physics, chemical, machine, etc). On the other side I want to learn about international relationship. And so on.

I remembered seeing this kind of post on my elder friend. She was once dreaming a major that she wanted since she was a little girl. But, in the 12th grade she hesitated. I thought it was ridcukus, how can you just hesitate your very old dream. Knowing how it felt now was sucks.

I am still haven't found what I'm looking for

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