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Jumat, 08 Mei 2015

Life currently

As a veteran (that's what they call for a person that is (bravely) coming again to pelatnas), I wouldn't say life in pelatnas will be much easier. It is not. At all. Because, first you don't know how much burden she/he lifts. It is so hard that makes you just feel small again. People will depend on you, stupidly rely you to answer complex questions, and the last they will always expect you to be the best.

The situation can be more complex, as on this year you also have to find your college. You should face the national examination. You should be VERY nervous to a stupid announcement that will change much of your perspective to college searching (at this time last year, I was laughing on my friends because they looked very awkwardly nervous). I don't like waiting on nervous (and so other people). But this (not literally) kills me.

Another condition that will add your problems is the fact that you eventually get you first and only pelatnas' illness (read: flu, cough, fever, cold, sore throat) now.

It couldn't be any better.

Thx & wml,
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