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Sabtu, 13 Juni 2015


The first rule of taking a bus :

Never sits under the tv speakers

As things always have plus and minus, choosing the bus as your travel mode will also give you advanteges. You.ll see that you.ll have wider scenery along the journey. The high position makes you able to see beyond the fence of the toll. It just feels that you are beyond everyone.

The best part of travelling alone is that you can free your thoughts as free as a bird. (Well, I was not alone on the last bus taking, but Siwi did not talk much. Seems that she let me have my thoughts by myself.) What I really like to do is to go back to the memories I have experienced. I just re-member everything, re-construct every situation and every detail with all the people present. I imagine I walk again in the school corridor on the eleventh grade. I remember how I do not like being in the class. Kind people, but it is just hard for them to see a person that is rarely come to school and having such a lot of tests alone just because she could not attend them. I imagine all the things I did during my last year Pelatnas. Then, I decided to continue to wonder what they might do now and do they even think about us like I do. I think about my last bus-taking journey. How might I be very familiar with bus situation. Then, I realized it was like 2 weeks ago after the national olympiad from the airport to Bogor. At that time I was in the actual alone. 

If I can choose a superpower, I would not mind to have that photographic memory. Or the mind reader. I don't know, it is just everything that is relatedto the human mind. At the very first time of knowing about photographic memory, I always imagine how lucky I am if I have that power. Maybe, I have tried to train it by myself by comemorating my experience. It is just easy for me to remember or dive into the past. Biasanya sih kalo abis kayak gitu langsung baper, kangen.


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