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Minggu, 21 Juni 2015

How your choices in the past will decide your future

At almost every time of choosing something, I get in a doubtful situation. It is just important for me to think the plus and minus for choosing one (well, but it sometimes happens where I decide without (wanting of) knowing the consequence). I noticed that I am that person who  use my logic in every situation. It is just because I do not want to be fail. (and so everybody does). And I do not wanto to get in to something that I don't enjoy. Something that is far from being myself.

At that time, I really had no idea why I choose the community in my senior high school.

As in a common school, first grade student must (or usually) choose one(s) of extracurricular or organization. Apart from other 24 extracurriculars and 4 organizations, I ridiculously chose unxpected ones. I had talked to my friends about a lot of activities that I wanted to join during high school, but my choices fell on to the one that never been talked by me. In a sudden, I joined the English Club. At that time, I didn't even care is there any close friend of mine taking that eASY.

This one is super unexpected and until now I'm still wondering how I can be stuck in this one (on the positive meaning). I took this LSWK as my organization. A lot of people got confused of my decision and I (still) did not think the further consequences. I thought it will be the same as in elementary school or junior high school where I didn't have to do anything. The thought is way too naive. In the very first overnight (baca : UPK), I felt like a fool. This is seriously different from the past. I was on my lowest there.

Those choices suprisingly more affected than I thought on my struggle.

I never thought that creating essay(s) everyday in English would accustom me to arrange English geographical essay in every Pelatnas or even iGeo.

I never thought that those physical and mental training would train me to be fit on every excursion and field work test. That I am no longer afraid of no being at home, being home very late, and those leadership, time management, self placement, ang other useful materials which are applicable and support me in every Pelatnas and iGeo.

. . .
The best thing from my senior high school is that I do regret nothing at all.
I don't regret my disappearance, my absence, my super busy life, my coming-home-late, my crying, my tired, my introvertness, my confussion and other things that have made my high school is very memorable. I just feel that those are very well on the proportion. Laugh, sad, happiness, crying, tired, relievance, twister, calm, noises, etc. Thank God, I am very grateful of these three years.

At last, I do believe the decision of majoring in this faculty is the best thing for me. That some time later, I will be very grateful for choosing this faculty. Promise, no more doubting myself in this one.

Wish me luck!

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