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Minggu, 20 September 2015


In between of doing English presentation task (which the deadline is 2 days from now and mine still very lame) and trying to study chemistry for live survival in ITB (believe me that is tough), I am managing a brief post here.

This what poeple must call a news. I received it one or two hours ago by being tagged by Joandy (anyway congratulations, all). All I think about was I just cannot believe that I am really 'a part' from the news and it is indeed a big deal. All of your life seeing your friends or the news telling some people who 'did' something. Like giving significant impact during the lifetime of the earth.

5 golds, guys. Gila. Indonesia. Tahun. Ini.
A little part of me is still regretting that I could not give more. That was entirely my fault, but keep on blaming yourself for the past won't change anything, though.

I should have worked harder.

Soon to be added : Руссия 2015

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