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Sabtu, 17 Oktober 2015

Kabar dari Ganesha

I told you.
Life is a bit harder here. This may be caused by that I was spending tto long time in social thingy that further makes me hard to catch up with exact studies. yha.

The thing I really am amaze of this campus is that everybody is smart and diligent. They are the true meaning of 'putra, putri terbaik bangsa' (weel, this sounds like I'm boasting about itb). I never thought that I could meet this (literally) 3600 people who are fighters for everything they want. Jeez, those are people who I am afraid of, but at the same time are kind of me though.

I am literally nothing in this place. No matter how good you were in high school, you will start from nothing here. Moreover, if your basic is social and geography. Those things won't help you to survive in this wave of burdens.

The only thing I get to myself everytiime is to convince myself about my presence here. I need to stop asking myself about the right and wrong of my decision and ensuring that being in this university and faculty is the best for me. I should not doubt anything (I promised it, didnt I). And those are not easy.

Feby, a new friend of mine who also gets the crisis told me this word,

"If God put you in a certain situation, He knows you can survive."

I. Need. To. Survive
Menjelang minggu hectic

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